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The text, for the most part, is in WordPerfect booklet format. If you have any version of WordPerfect from 6.0 DOS through the current version, you should have little or no problems with the material, regardless of language used. I am also attempting to use PDF. Most of the text can also be imported into Word, but I have seen some really strange things happening when one tries to import the booklets into Word.

By the way, if you do not have WordPerfect (any version for Windows 95 or later will do), you might want to consider spending the $30 (plus shipping and handling) to get it. I have seen the office suite at this price and even for less at several places. I will give a certain amount of support with WordPerfect, but I will not help with Word.

In July 2007 somebody posted on one of the Orthodox lists a link to the Divine Liturgy in modern Russian. It was in PDF format. After cleaning up the formatting, I used the material to create an English-Russian Divine Liturgy book. There are errors in this document and omissions, but at least it is a start. One error, for example, that was rather consistent was to say веа instead of века. Also, the Russian went from Holy God right into the Gospel and skipped the Epistle completely.


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